Graduate Media (passed)

A student talking about his support with Student+ after graduation:

I benefited a lot from Student+ because it offered me support at the times when I needed a little extra help. Sometimes the information from school was not entirely clear to me. By being able to discuss the ambiguity with the tutor first, I had a good way to translate between what I needed and how to ask the relevant person, in many cases the lecturer.

Student+ also helped me a lot because they put me in contact with the deans who are a very good listener and often could quickly offer a good solution for what I was struggling with. All in all, it's nice to have someone independent of the semester with whom you can spar about various issues you run into.

I especially liked that my supervisor understood where the chaos was for me and how to adjust so that in many cases it resolved itself. Thanks in part to the support and guidance I was still able to get my diploma.